Shelter, water, sun, and plant diversity are all necessary factors in creating a garden
that is attractive to a wide range of pollinators. Selecting the right types of plants
that will feed and encourage pollinators to return is key, and to do so, you
need plants from two groups: nectar plants and host plants.

The butterfly bush is the MVP of any butterfly garden! It requires full sun and soil that drains well.
The blooms are high in nectar, making this plant a nectar plant that provides food! Adult butterflies will flock to these flowers.

These three sun-loving plants produce colorful blooms with sweet nectar that will attract butterflies to the garden!
Milkweed is a Monarch butterfly host plant that feeds Monarch caterpillars, while both Coneflower and
Annual Lantana are nectar plants, providing the adults with food.

Add decorative elements to enjoy or enhance your butterfly garden!